(why it makes your venue more profitable.)

Assuming that you understand what barSTOCK is and how it works, let us try to explain to you what actually happens inside a venue where it's running.

What follows is all based on evidence provided by the nummerous installations all running barSTOCK throughout the world.

You have a bar, barSTOCK is up and running, the punters know what it is and understand the concept, this is the reason they come to your bar and don't go to the "Bag and Tadpole" down the road. They know barSTOCK is on and they know that that means a laugh between themselves and with the staff. BarSTOCK breeds interaction. In your venue the prices tend to go up on increased turnover, just as they would on a real stock-exchange, higher demand=higher price, the lads walk in, prices are moving around....

Imagine the scenario... There's 5 of them, they're just in from the RUGBY, its early, they're thirsty. Joe's first up to the bar. Oh great! my round. ( Knows its early, maybe the prices are a bit lower initially) Oh bugger it, I know I'm getting 2 ROUNDS here, ENGLAND have just won, the lads are fizzed up, Bob's new girlfriend's coming, she's a big old unit, drinks like a trooper . Look CARLING BLACK LABEL out of the Pump 1.80 a pint. I'll have 5 now and 5 futures.

Meanwhile Patrick notices, whilst Joe is taking so long to make his mind up, that for some bizarre reason Drambuie is down to 1.20 a shot, (apparently the info flashing on the screen is that at the Highland Games the Caber tossing contest has been won by a Welshman called Yian Lwellyn from Llantascillia, and the Scots are so upset they've stopped drinking Drambuie so the price is down to 1.20 a shot for 10 mins, in order to summon up interest.)

Well nice for a winter warmer... 5 shots please. They have the Drambuies and tuck into their Carlings. Meanwhile Richard has realised that Carling's gone up 30p to 2.10. Well no wonder, Joe bought 10, the group next door bought 7, and Bob's new girl friend has arrived and bought 4 for herself.

But hold on Tetleys off the tap is still 1.90... oh we're 1/2 way through these, best I get my round in now. 5 Tetleys for now and 5 futures please. Now little does Richard know that at Bass HQ the marketing manager for Tetleys been away on holiday for 3 weeks (St Lucia this time) and to be honest sales are a bit slow. Directive from head office... move that Yorkshire brew we've got so much of, do some promotion deals... so the MM has given permission to the barSTOCK franchise to alter the parameters.

So what happens, Richard pays his 1.90 to watch the price change to 1.75! Well Richard gets a load of stick, at which point David reckons it's a great time to get his round in. I'll have 5 Tetleys now and 5 Futures please. The info on the screen is that the local Harrogate Cricket team has won so prices are being kept at a special price for the evening, in order to celebrate.

And so the evening continues... As you can see from the picture painted here what is really happening is that the rate at which everyone is drinking is being speeded up. Because everyone is looking to the screens the whole time checking on the prices, they're buying in rounds before people are ready, effectively forcing them to drink faster, aswell as buying drinks that perhaps they normally wouldn't ever consider.

BarSTOCK focusses people on what they're drinking. It becomes their reason for being there, their topic of conversation, the catalyst for their humour and fun.

Here's another scenario.

You have a bar where prices drift lower as more is drunk (bars in Germany are running it both ways). In walks the same group determined to push the price of Carling down through the evening by aggressively buying that 1 brand. It's at �2.20. They buy some, it comes down. They buy some more. Now it's �2.05, now it's �1.95. So there they are buying the hell out of Carling when all of a sudden a rival group starts pushing at the Tetleys. In this particular bar they know that there are volume triggers and if you buy enough of a single brand, you can make it crash for ten minutes. The new group is trying to push Tetleys down, and starts to succeed. Tetleys starts to move down in price, going from �2.30 to �1.90 causing Carling to move back up to �2.05!

So the first group says bugger this and buys 10 futures. All of a sudden the volume trigger fires, ( say 100 pints have been sold in a 15 min session, lights are flashing sirens wailing) Carling Black Label is down to �1.60 for 10 mins, The Bar goes wild, everyone's trying to buy Carling, but of course, not everyone can get in in 10 mins and the price resets to �2.20. During that 10 mins, nobody's bought any Tetley so that's started to drift up a bit now and it's �2.20 a pint again, and so the game goes on.

Of course there might be 50 of these groups in there. Maybe 2 or 3 of them club together. It's just malarkey everywhere, and everywhere people are focussed on one thing...the drink.

And in the morning what's left? Patrick wakes up with an almighty hangover, puts his jeans on and finds he's got 5 Tetley Futures in his back pocket. So he calls up Joe and they have a right laugh coz he's got a couple of Carlings in his trousers and Sid's crashed out on his floor with 3 of the 8 Tequilas he swore he could drink "easily", still in his hand....and what do they do? All meet up of course, down you're pub for a hair of the dog, prepaid and just the thing to set them up for another day of "leisurely" drinking.

BarSTOCK has succeeded in not only attracting the punters in in the first place, but in getting them to buy more drink than usual therefore getting them more 'tipsy' which in turn makes them more generous and further inclined to buy more drink, and then on top of all that once they've gone home from their cracking night of fun it's brought them straight back in the next day to start all over again!

The Futures concept is another great barSTOCK innovation. One way of running it is that you have the opportunity to buy 1 future for every drink that you buy when you're buying it at a trading price (ie not at a Crash Price).

People can't resist a deal and when it's made so easily available they think "sod it, I was going to go home for tea but look at that, Bass at �1.85 now that doesn't happen everyday". Maybe they buy a round for their mates and a round of futures for next time they come in. So Dave says to Richy the next day "let's go out for a swifty at the Wigglers Shadow", "naw", says Rich, "I'll meet you at the barSTOCK, first drinks on me"

Not only do people feel they're getting a great deal but they're also being given the opportunity to feel more generous and getting a great feeling of wellbeing from being at your pub. They might be walking around with a couple of Futures in their wallet, meet a mate who says let's have a pint. Sorry John, no time mate but here, have one on me. Gives John a Future so John has to come to your bar and, let's face it, who ever has just one drink?!? Plus now John knows about barSTOCK, the Logo is all over his future token, maybe he buys a couple to keep in his wallet for when he bumps into someone he owes, or just for a little treat for himself when he's feeling a thirst. They're like saving stamps for drinkers!

Another great advantage of the Futures is of course that your getting the money up front. You might have cash for 2, 3, 400 drinks in your tills and not have had to serve one of them!

So people will come back to finish them off from the night before, give them to their mates spreading the word, save them up and take a whole gang out for a session....or.... lose them in the washing machine..... whichever way you look at it barSTOCK wins everytime.

A chain of barSTOCK pubs would allow trading of futures across any of their counters. People in Cardiff could buy their mates in Newcastle a drink for their birthday, or send their old man back in Dublin a couple of pints of Guiness for Christmas.

The possibilities are endless and the facts are plain. BarSTOCK gets people in and gets people drinking. We've proved it in Germany where venues are reporting increases in turnover of 30%, profits up, busy busy bars. Several establishments that have taken on the system have opened up new bars and discos and installed barSTOCK from the off. Several of them run whole theme nights around the concept, a "Wall Street Party", "barSTOCK Night". One venue has even called itself "Dow Jones".

It is Tried, Tested and Proven! BarSTOCK works and it's as simple as that!