The barSTOCK Exchange concept was originally created to provide a unique form of interactive entertainment. 16 products would be listed on display mediums around a venue and their prices would float in relation to their demand across the bar. The simplicity of this mechanism is easily understood, very effective, profitable and creates an excitement atmosphere in most venues.

It was quickly discovered that due to the nature of displayed information (i.e. products and their prices), clientele where always looking at the board for the best deals. It is a 1-to-1 relationship. What's up on the board is immediately available over the bar. It was our clients and many hours of observations that led us to add some new features to assist pub and brewery management and brand marketers to focus the public on their specific products. BarSTOCK has since evolved into one of the most versatile and sophisticated marketing tools available for licensed premises.


The barSTOCK software monitors the movement of transactions from within the whole EPoS system or on designated tills in the EPoS system, as preferred by the local or corporate management. At predetermined intervals barSTOCK changes the prices of selected products on all, or on selected, tills. Up-to-the-minute information on prices is relayed to customers on bright and prominently positioned wall displays, video screens or projection systems. The prices of drinks float up and down automatically, based on customer demand (just like a real Stock Exchange), reflecting actual sales at the tills.

The barSTOCK software does not effect any EPoS data except those relating to the prices of the featured products. All other forms of data caption or data management (i.e. personnel data, stock records, corporate or on site information and analysis systems) are totally unaffected by the operations of the barSTOCK system.

Compatible POS Systems

To-date more that 30 international POS / EPoS / Till vendors have recognized the advantages of an interface to our barSTOCK Exchange software....

LightSpeed K and L series
OPC Chip
Sumup (GoodTill)
Arian posnet
Digital Dinner
Megara Software
Aldelo POS

If your POS / EPoS / Till solution is not listed please contact us (eMail) or your POS / EPoS / Till dealer for details of how an interface can be established to barSTOCK!

Interface Quick Guide

Details Interface Specification

Site Package

barSTOCK Exchange PC Suite

The barSTOCK software is supplied from the WEB with a fully automated installation procedure which includes the PoS interface. Assuming the barSTOCK PC is already equipped with a special double VGA graphics card, installing the software and configuring the cash-desk interface takes no longer than 2 hours.

Management of unlimited number of product lists

Advanced Product Parameters for focused brand promotion

Product group/page seperation feature

Week plan to manage which product list is used on which evening

Advert slot management facility (flash, avi, mpeg, bmp, jpg file formats)

LED Display engine

Cloud Package 1

barSTOCK myBar Trader Platform

The barSTOCK myBar(TM) platform is an extension to the barSTOCK Exchange Suite that brings the concept to mobile Smartphone devices, both iOS and Android.

Bar Items prices live on Trader's smartphone in real-time

Price alarms for faviorte drinks

- Email/Vibrate/Notifier when Market price reachers pre-definded level

Auto-Purchase feature for full member Trader

- Full Trading member can have their fav. Items automatically snapped at preset prices.

Item Bidding market for Premium Trader's

Optional branding facility for operators

- Customised Bar Login Screen

- Stage and Back Stage customied

In addition to the App access to the Venue data, Trader#s can access the Venues market via the internet under This platform provides the same features and functions as the mobile App.

Cloud Package 2

barSTOCK Exchange Cloud

Next generation barSTOCK Exchange Suite. Web driven management of the complete barSTOCK Exchange from anywhere.

An onsite low memory EPOS Layer running on POS server connects to the barSTOCK Cloud for configuration, population and operational control.

Web driven Group, Venue level site management of

- Multiple Venues

- Un-limited items lists

- Ad slots, Group, Site and Product Level

- Enhanced multi-user security access. Group and site level

Web Driven Scalable TV screen output for configuration for un-limited item number

- Listed by Brand

- Item Groups

- Sales Performance

- Flexible Branding (optional)